We are here to let students know- 

You are Loved by God-

You are Loved by Family- 

You have nothing to prove-

So how do we accomplish this? 

Weekly, we host our student service on Wednesday nights at 7:00 in our gym. We get to know each other by eating and engaging in fun conversations. Then, we come together for moments of worship and conversations. 

We want students to know that God loves them where they are, and not the way they think  they should be.

We look at a student ministry more like family. We create a safe place to ask tough questions and not have it all together, but embrace the journey and walking out who God made us to be.

We also use small groups as an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level. Our goal with small groups is to create a place where students can come out of hiding and be real with mentors and among the company of their peers. Life change happens in Small Groups!

If you have any questions or want to follow us you can on social media @ 

Twitter @ Riverstudents304